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Another week, another weigh-in. A corker of a week for some of our particpants, with the total group weight loss, since the start of Pebbletree’s Biggest Loser, breaking the 20kg mark!
This week, our blogger was Jen, our crazy cat lady Office Manager… let’s see how she got on!

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Friday – I dodged a bullet here as was off work so missed the weigh-in but my after-Lanzarote holiday weigh-in on Monday had yielded only a 0.5kg gain! I slipped into a false sense of security and enjoyed a massive Chocolate Fudge Cake and Cappuccino with my mum at the Penshaw Tea Rooms. Later on we had to visit the in-laws and driving back through Sunderland I cheekily said “do you fancy sushi?” and ended up at Nudo Sushi in Sunderland for the second time in a week! Sushi’s healthy right?
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Saturday I was alone through the day so was pretty good and on plan with a “healthy” fry up using frylight and bacon medallions. I brought a salad to work but preferred to have a McDonald’s Cappuccino and later a Smoothie Ice Lolly. Jen image PTBL 3
Sunday was a bit of a fail, I was pretty tired from working the Saturday and had ill prepared for my meals at work, so snaffled a cheese and ham toastie before taking the boys to softplay where I had a cappuccino and a caramel flapjack!
Monday saw us shopping in the Galleries where I treated myself to a Skinny Cappuccino with Sugar Free Caramel Syrup, and later worked it off with a trot around the park. We had Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) which included bacon medallions, courgette discs, beans, fried eggs and mushrooms all done in the oven or using frylight. Even the sausages didn’t have fat in them!
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Tuesday I was so good, we went to the Aquatic centre for a swim and apparently we swam 550metres in 40 minutes. Not sure if that’s good or bad but the point is we did it! I got home and had a good helping of salad with a baked potato and low-fat cheese sprinkled on. For tea I pulled two of the many cartons of batch cooking out of the freezer, it was Mexican mince which I served with mange tout and boiled white rice.

IMG_7934 IMG_7958

Wednesday saw me on a training course with a lunch provided, I was careful not to stuff myself but have to admit I enjoyed the brie and cranberry sandwiches. I did some last minute babysitting for a friend and took a can of Coca Cola with me…oops! But for tea I made a big pan of seafood pasta sauce the recipe for which is below:
Jen PTBL recipe
Prepare your veg by dicing everything! Sauté your red and white onions in frylight, add a splash of water to stop it burning.
Add the vegetables and soften them before added the can of tuna (brine and all!)
Add the passata and fill the carton with a bit of water to swill it round to get your monies worth!
Simmer it all together and add seasonings, I added garlic salt, mixed herbs and even a touch of chilli to give it some bite!
When it’s thickened slightly add a tablespoon of your cream cheese and throw your prawns in!
Best served with wholewheat tagliatelle!

Jen image PTBL 7
Thursday started amazingly well, I dropped the missus off at work at 8am and was ready to attack the day with a bowlful of fruit and yoghurt and a brisk walk around Herrington Park. Lunch was a good plate of seafood pasta with side salad and I’d managed to drink 1.5litres of water! A sneaky jump on the scales showed a good healthy loss!!
Then I started babysitting… I took the boys to McDonald’s and refrained from buying my usual Large Big Mac Meal with Chocolate Milkshake and instead settled for a regular Cappuccino with sweeteners. But sat at the dining table faced with the children’s leftovers I hit an all-time low and snaffled a handful of fries and a massive bite of hamburger. Well that was it, I followed it up with a loaf-end crust of toast with thick Nutella on it and a can of Coca Cola.
So all in all a bit of a mixed week and really not sure whether I’ll lose, gain or stay the same… wow a 1.3kg loss!! Wow! Bring on more Happy Meals!
Well done Jen, keep up the good work! Look out for our next blog, when we will be featuring another of our hopeful Biggest Loser participants. Next up is the newest addition to our Pebbletree team, Matthew from our Support Team!

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