Weigh-in day once again has come and gone, and with it some weight losses have come, and some gains have gone!
Our Week 3 blogger, newly appointed Commercial Director, Laura Marriner, is our resident Great North Run enthusiast, who will be running alongside Managing Director, Janni Thornton in September, in support of the Tiny Lives Trust!
Take it away Laura:
So, I truly believe I was given a very unfortunate week to blog and be successful in weight loss being given a Bank Holiday to contend with!

What started as a good effort quickly diminished into takeaway and cake… and when I say takeaway I’m actually shocked at how much rubbish I’ve managed to consume this week! But then again, nobody can accuse me of not committing! If you’re going to break your diet, best to do it in style…and my, oh my did I?!
Friday saw no breakfast due to weigh in day (praying to whoever will listen that it would help), and having pizza at work the day before! Sushi was on the cards for lunch and a Friday night takeaway tea of chow mein… Wow…
Saturday was a good(ish) day starting off with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, chicken wrap for lunch and a healthy attempt at counter-acting the fast food, with a dinner of salmon fish cakes and roast veggies!

IMG_7934 IMG_7958

Sunday was pretty much the same with a fruit and yoghurt breakfast. I went on to eat a late lunch of fabulous roast chicken dinner made by my own fair (pale) hands, and a picky tea of anti pasti… The Italians always seem so healthy, it would be rude not to embrace the Mediterranean way!
Monday arrived, the weekend seemingly survived! Yoghurt and fruit combo for breakfast, with home made soup for lunch! Winner winner turkey chilli dinner for tea…
Tuesday, dull, bland Tuesday that nobody likes, especially when it was the return to work after a Bank Holiday! I knew I had to avoid work temptations now…including certain team members and their lust for McDonalds! The day started off with the same old fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, left over chilli made a wonderful lunch, and home-time was met with veggie stir fry for tea.

IMG_7934 IMG_7958

At this point I was feeling great, I had recovered from my slight blip, and was moving back into healthy eating and I had made it through the Bank Holiday relatively unscathed!
Wednesday was simple; fruit and yoghurt… you get the picture, then soup for lunch and an omelette for tea!
Thursday, what do you guess I had for breakfast? You bet! Fruit and Yoghurt! A tuna salad was the call for lunch and… do I admit this one… I slipped and fell into a delicious pizza takeaway!!
Friday, once again the dread of the scales meant no breakfast due to weigh-in day… and then it was time! The queue was building, the nerves jangling, and people were waiting to see if they had been good, or sinned that week!
I was hoping to see some results, but knew that my naughty takeaways could be my downfall! Luckily I’ve upped the exercise as I’ve started my training for the Great North Run this week, and I have managed a few – albeit slow 3 mile – runs… okay jogs… okay so I walked a bit of it! It’s still early doors… this is a (half) marathon not a sprint after all!
Somehow, as the electronic voice boomed from the scales below, it turns out I actually managed to not gain any weight this week! So, spoiler alert… it turns out that takeaways are clearly the way forward for any balanced diet! And to celebrate? A lovely chicken tikka salad wrap from a local deli, and of course, an impromptu work night out which ended in wine and a slice of cake!
Here’s my favourite recipe; the Turkey Chilli I had on Monday at tea time, and Tuesday for Lunch, courtesy of Jamie Oliver…
Look out for our next blog, when we will be featuring one of our Marketing team… Yorkshire lad, Tom! Let’s see how he copes with a work trip to London!

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