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Weigh-in day arrived, and with it some happy and sad faces for our Biggest Loser participants!
With some showing substantial losses, and some unfortunately gaining (after a work Pizza day on Thursday), it was mixed emotions here at Pebbletree HQ… However, one of those in the happier camp was our Week 2 blogger, Developer, Daryl Burns!

Take it away Daryl:
After a disappointing start to the Biggest Loser competition, with a 3kg gain in week one, I’m glad to say that week two was considerably better. My problem with week one was that we all started the week before pay-day and we had a freezer full of slightly sub-optimal food.
To aid my quest I re-joined Slimming World on Monday following a two month break, which has helped considerably. The week has been filled with sensible swaps, instead of having toast for breakfast, I’ll have Muller-light yoghurt, usually with some cereal and fruit. I’ve reduced my intake of canned soft drinks and, started taking more water. Trips to the café or McDonald’s for lunch have been replaced with far healthier options – normally flavoured rice with chicken tikka chunks. Most importantly, the crisps / biscuits that our employers very kindly supply have been replaced with a single packet of Snack-A-Jacks.

Breakfast PTBL
My healthy breakfast alternatives!

Evening meals have been a lot healthier too. Whereas typically, the family were having 3-4 takeaways per week over the last couple of months, we’ve replaced them with slimming world meals. The only deviation from this were Monday night, where we traditionally have a takeaway after Slimming World group and Wednesday night, where a pizza was ordered following a shortage of time for meal preparation.
Thursday was a challenge… One of the company owners decided to declare a “Domino’s Day” and ordered a mountain of pizza and other treats! Luckily this was only decided on the day and I had a salad & pasta pot with me for lunch.
Dominos PT
Arggghhh Pizza!!

So whilst everyone was lapping up the calories, I simply pinched two meatballs off a slice of pizza and sat there rather smug with my healthy option for lunch.
Salad and Pasta pot
Here’s what I settled for! My healthy option…

I think it’s safe to say that my efforts were rewarded too, with a weight loss of 2.6kg (5.7lb for the old timers) for the week!
Great work Daryl, a cracking weight loss, to help move him slowly up the leaderboard… But as they say, it’s a marathon not a sprint, and this could be a long 3 months ahead for our Biggest Loser competitors!
My recipe of the week, which is my all time favourite recipe (at the moment… my ‘all time favourite’ changes like the wind!), is Hunters Chicken:
Hunters Chicken PTBL
Gordon Ramsay eat your heart out!

Hunters Chicken dish
What the finished article should be! C’est magnifique!

Look out for our next blog, when we will be featuring one of our female participants… Great North Runner, Laura from our Commercial Team! Let’s see how she copes with the bank holiday temptations!

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