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One of the newest members of the family, Jen has quickly become part of the furniture here at Pebbletree, settling nicely into her role as Office Manager.

pebbletree Having joined the company in October 2015, Jen has loved her time with Pebbletree over the past six months explaining: “It’s amazing to work for Pebbletree, everyone is daft as a brush and it’s generally laidback. The bosses treat us well and that reflects back in how we treat each other – we’re a great team and I know if I need help with something I can ask someone in another team and they’ll come running to help!”
One thing that certainly didn’t hinder Jen’s merge into the group, was the fact that she started on the day of Pebbletree’s 10th anniversary, a day she described as “overwhelming”, but certainly a day to remember. She said: “I’ve missed out on 10 years of a great company but I’m looking forward to the next 10 years!”

Green Shadow Birthday
Celebrations were in store for Pebbletree in October 2015, as the company marked 10 years of business

So what does an Office Manager actually do? I’m sure that is a question asked in many organisations around the country, but luckily for us Jen is happy to reveal all: “I get to look after everyone, make sure they’re happy and give them biscuits if they’re not! I get to deal with all sorts of things so no two days are the same. Some days I’m making sure policies and procedures are up to date and other days I’m recruiting new staff.”
The Office Management team is a fairly new structure within Pebbletree, and Jen has certainly helped bring a lot more clarity and organisation to the company, taking on a number of roles and tasks which used to sit with departments that they perhaps should not have, such as recruitment, or the overseeing of the staff forum.
“I’ve just finished recruiting for a brand new role in our Sales team and we’ve also just taken another Technical Support Advisor on, it was exciting to be a part of that,” she said. “We’ve also just introduced a staff forum where our employees get together and discuss the company going forward. It’s a great way to improve communication across departments who might not normally have a chance to chat.”
As we all know, work isn’t all fun and games, and finding the right new recruit, or organising some tasks can be hard work for the Office Manager, so what is it that drives Jen on to keep doing such a great job? Well according to her: “Coca cola and biscuits do help, but what keeps me going is being part of a great team; everyone is friendly and we can have a laugh and joke when it gets too serious.
“I can definitely say my job isn’t boring. I was worried about coming back into office-work as that’s why I got out of it, but there’s so much happening here that it’s hard to get bored.”

Pebbletree 80s theme day
Jen and Team Top Gun put on the first Theme Day of 2016… 80’s Day!

Well she may be loving her new role, and enjoying her time within the team, but what has Jen learnt about the company, and the industry we work within, since she joined? She has certainly been taken aback by the constant improvement of technology.
“Technology evolves every day and VoIP is definitely something that will stick around. I’m just amazed I can take my work-phone with me. I remember when I was recruiting I needed to work from home, and I kept saying to the support team “I just plug it into the router? Really?”
“I think it’s important for customers to use ‘home-grown’ companies and Pebbletree is definitely that, it started as a family run company but now I feel like we are all one big family! I think it means we all strive for the success of the company and that comes across in our customer service” she said. It is that home-grown, family run feel to Pebbletree that has not only seen the company build success in the market, but also build a happy, talented team.

Group shot with EOTY award
Some of the Pebbletree team together for a press shot after winning the 2015 Employer of the Year award

Away from the office, Jen does manage to detach herself from her work, a tough task for many Office Managers, with the long list of tasks needed to be carried out: “Whilst I’m not as techy as everyone else in the company I definitely am a girl-gamer and enjoy playing simulation type games outside of work. I used to be a huge reader too but life got too busy, I am keen to get back in to it, and in fact I just bought a new kindle!
“I also just got engaged so I suppose I should think about planning a wedding?!” More cause for celebration for our Pebbletree family, with one recent wedding and another engagement on top of Jen’s!

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