Stephen2As one of the longest-serving members of the Pebbletree team, Stephen has witnessed more than his fair share of changes take place at the company throughout his half-decade of service.
From the early days of the business when it was very much finding its feet, to becoming the successful award-winning service provider it is today, Stephen has been consistent through half of the company’s lifespan to date.
It is of course Pebbletree’s 10-year anniversary this year – in October to be precise – and having joined five years ago it’s meant he has been present throughout the company’s most successful period, which has seen employee numbers rapidly grow, an office relocation to bigger premises and a number of prestigious award wins.
And as Head of Operations in the somewhat male-dominated technical support department, despite his length of employment with Pebbletree, he finds that each day brings a different challenge to the previous one.

A few of the company’s most recent award wins including the ITSPA ‘Best Business Medium Enterprise’ 2015

He said: “I am the Operations Director, leading the support team. I joined back in March 2010, as only the second person to be employed by the company and have since seen more than 20 people come to join us at Pebbletree.”
“No two days ever seem to be the same here, so it definitely keeps you on your toes dealing with the wide range of queries that we receive from customers on a day-to-day basis.”
Pebbletree’s support team prides itself on being one of the best in the business when it comes to providing solutions to the everyday issues our customers may face, or when it comes to advising them on how they can get the best out of any of our given services.
The company as a whole prides itself on the support team being experts in their field; being committed to providing help and advice rather than act as salesmen for our multiple solutions – which is demonstrated by the fact they do not work towards any sort of sales targets.
It’s quite a unique way of handling front-line customer calls and Stephen feels it’s one of the things that makes us different, while on a personal level it’s the more peculiar issues that he enjoys tackling.
“I get a kick out of solving the more strange problems that customers report to us or ask us about,” he said. “I strongly believe the customer support we provide is excellent, and that, coupled with the features we offer and develop in-house, makes us quite special.”
Outside of normal business operations working for Pebbletree is always a fun environment to be involved in, due to the theme days and staff events regularly held – something Stephen himself enjoys partaking in and something he’s actually developed a knack of excelling in when it comes to the internal competitions held during such events.
Some of the team at the staff summer party
Some of the team at the fancy dress staff summer party of 2014

He said: “I seem to have developed a bit of a habit at winning inter-company competitions during our staff get-togethers and suchlike, including ten-pin bowling and archery competitions.”
“Meanwhile, I’m also a supporter of Sunderland AFC (for all my sins) and attend all home games with my son Sam.”
With the company continuing to expand it promises more exciting times ahead, with the most recent additions being to our talented development team who will help us drive our brands further forward.
He said: “Zoey and Chris from development have recently given us a new way to run network traces to help troubleshoot customer problems, demonstrating our determination to always improve the way we do things and aim to be the best at what we do.”
“As for the VoIP industry, I don’t think VoIP will be thought of as ‘VoIP’ for much longer; it will just become the standard telephony – especially with things like WebRTC being built into Firefox.”

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