Who is the cruise with: Celebrity Cruises
How long for and for how many people: 13-night luxury cruise for 2 aboard the Eclipse
When: Set sail on October 16th 2016; return October 29th 2016
Where: Spain and the Canary Islands; departing from and returning to Southampton UK

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This year we are celebrating our 10th birthday! This exciting milestone means we were compelled to do something special…so, along with our internal festivities, we decided to give you all the opportunity to win an incredible prize!
How does a fortnight-long, luxury cruise for two, to Spain and the Canary Islands sound? Departing from, and returning to, Southampton in October 2016 with Celebrity Cruises, you will spend your voyage seeing such sights as Tenerife, Madeira and Lisbon.
Whilst staying in an elegant Stateroom, complete with an ocean-view balcony, you will be able to enjoy all that the Celebrity Cruises Eclipse ship has to offer; including swimming pools, hot tubs, card room, lawn club, theatres, art gallery, boutiques and so much more.
During your cruise, you will also be able to make the most of a wide-range of cuisine choices, with a ‘Classic Drinks’ package included in your prize, on top of $300 on-board spending money!
So what’s the catch? Well, importantly for you, there isn’t one! And here is how you enter…

How many balls
Actual photo of the balls in our full size phone box. So, take a look and pitch your guess above with a chance to win!

In 1907, Sir Francis Galton asked 787 villagers to guess the weight of an ox. None of them got the right answer, but when Galton averaged their guesses, he arrived at a near perfect estimate. This is a classic demonstration of the “Wisdom of the Crowd”, where groups of people pool their abilities to show collective intelligence.
Is it possible for a group of people to guess the exact number of balls in our box?
Our team is full of techy and science-loving minds, and we wanted to test this theory, and in turn, grant you the chance to win a luxury cruise for two to Spain and the Canary Islands if you can correctly guess (or be the closest to) the number produced through Wisdom of the Crowd, regarding the number of balls in our Pebbletree telephone box!
To enter the competition is easy; simply guess how many balls are in the phone box, however, to win the competition, your guess will need to be the number produced through the Wisdom of the Crowd theory (we will use the mean average).
How do you achieve this? It’s simple – just share the competition!
Share it with like-minded people, and people who you think will guess around the same number as you do, whether this be via word of mouth or social media. You can even share your answer, or close to it, to ensure more people guess a similar number, therefore increasing your chance of achieving the Wisdom of the Crowd number and winning this great prize.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter using the form above… 

Entry closes on the 31/12/2015

For terms and conditions of the competition click here

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