img-staff-vicky_1dotjpg.200.200.635143304873410007Having previously worked as a civil servant for all of her working life prior to joining Pebbletree, Head of Commercial, Vicky, tells us why she loves working for the company and what makes her tick in her spare time…
Vicky, who is CIPFA qualified and spends her working days looking after our accounts, finance and HR team in the Commercial department, joined in November 2011.

Upon joining the company Vicky was actually taking her career a step in a new direction, in that it was to be her first job in the private sector. She had previously worked in Internal Audit for the local government since leaving full-time education, and it’s a change she doesn’t regret.
She said: “I’ve been here almost four years now – where does the time go? I love working here at Pebbletree. Previously, I had been working in Local Government, Internal Audit, for all my working life.”

One of the many laughs captured at last year’s Halloween theme day

“I had concerns moving into the private sector, however, these fears were quashed within the first week. People who come to work at Pebbletree can’t help but love it; it’s such a fun, forward thinking culture – we laugh all the time (honestly, we work hard too!)”
“I can’t see me ever leaving!”
One of the main things that’s made her role and experience within the company exciting to date is the rapid growth the company has undergone since Vicky joined. She said: “When I started here there were six of us – we now employee more than 20 people.”
“The growth and change has been so rapid and it’s been great being involved with something through this period, it means I completely understand the business and I understand how the directors want the culture to be reflected.”
“However, thinking back to when I joined, it’s hard to think we would be where we are now – it’s pretty amazing.”
The culture at Pebbletree is exceptionally important to the company’s management, and it’s felt that a happy workforce is a more productive one.
For Vicky she definitely thinks this is reflected in the way the company approaches customer service, commenting: “Because you feel an important part of the Pebbletree family, you want to do the best you can for the business.”
“I think everyone ‘buys in’ to what we are trying to achieve, and that’s what makes a successful business. We want to give the best customer service we can and we want our staff to be happy, and feeling you give a positive contribution really makes you want to do well.”
The excitement hasn’t ended either, as there’s often something going on or something new the company is looking to try so there’s still lots of exciting times ahead as the company goes into its 10-year anniversary later this year.
The company’s most recent award wins including the ISPA ‘Best VoIP’ 2014

She said: “I think we have some exciting things in the pipeline, some of which could be revolutionary. We have done so well with our awards and I do believe this will continue as we grow and expand our product offerings, as more and more businesses are looking for good quality, economic products – and that’s what we offer.”
“There are some exciting changes to the Simply66 product coming up,” she said. “The service has been running as its own individual brand for coming up a year now, so we can reflect on what’s gone well and what we could do better.”
“We know we have a feel for what our customers want, so some great new packages will be coming to Simply66 in the near future. Meanwhile as a company as a whole, we see our sales figures grow month on month, so it’s an exciting time for Pebbletree and our customers.”
Outside of work it’s Vicky’s family life that gives her the most pleasure and is what is most important to her. The mother of two daughters, she has openly confessed to being their taxi more often than not, but we’re sure she wouldn’t have it any other way.
“I have two amazing girls,” she said. “They keep me on my toes. I’m a bit of a holiday bunny as well; my husband and I are off on a short break soon (no kids!) so I can hardly wait…oh, and I’m a bit of an F1 fanatic too – go Rosberg!”
As a final thought, we simply – simply…Simply66…no? Doesn’t matter – asked Vicky why she would recommend our services to someone and what makes us special.
“Our people,” she said. “Going the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy – I don’t think I can say any more than that.”

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