The Pebbletree Superheroes

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It’s time to meet the Pebbletree Superheroes, the answer to all your communication troubles.

Set up by Kage Ninja, The Green Shadow, The Pebbletree Superheroes are an elite team of individuals, brought together by their superhuman powers, with the aim of protecting the planet from the forces of evil… None moreso than treacherous villain and The Pebbles’ arch nemesis, Badwell.Pebbletree2
Regarded by many to be a myth or legend, The Green Shadow dedicated a decade of his life to developing the world of VoIP. Aside from his work with technology, The Green Shadow also spent many years travelling the world, inventing a microchip that would enable an ordinary individual be transformed into a Superhuman.
After several failed experiments on lab animals, He finally perfected his microchip, dubbed the ‘MicroPebble’, and with a simple injection into his arm, he transformed himself into what we have come to know as, The Green Shadow. Using a select team of Pebbletree employees, The Green Shadow set about creating his team of heroes, one by one choosing the ideal candidate, tailoring their prospective powers, and four MicroPebbles later, your team of superheroes are… The Pebbles; The Green Shadow, Q, Agent 66, The Scarlett Vixen, and The Boulder…
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