Is your work life getting in the way of your love life? Too busy with clients to catch that lunchtime call from your special someone? Are you too bogged down in customer enquiries to plan Valentine’s? Everything you could possibly need, could be waiting at the end of your fingertips
Simply66 is the flexible, trustworthy, professional experience you have been desiring. Just a few, simple clicks stand between you and your very own Virtual Receptionist. Within minutes you could feel the satisfaction of never having to miss a business call again, with our wide range of packages, you can choose the perfect fit for your company… This is a love affair you won’t want to keep a secret!

Amongst the main things that a business owner expects of their receptionist, our UK based Virtual Receptionists are friendly, attentive and have a personality. Using our unique technology, customer information instantly pops up on the receptionists screens when they take a call for your business, allowing them to answer the call equipped with the knowledge needed to be able to answer in the same professional manner you’d expect from a receptionist sat in your office. Leaving you to relax, safe in the knowledge that your calls are being answered in a professional, personable manner.

Like with a long-term partner, the thought of being tied into a lengthy contract can frighten some business owners who have not used a virtual receptionist service before. They are concerned that somewhere down the line if the service is not working for them they will have to pay to get out of their contract, however, here at Simply66, this is simply not the case. To cancel a service is extremely simple – so simple in fact, that you don’t even have to call us! With us it’s effortlessly a case of logging into your account to access your Control Panel and clicking the large ‘Cancel a Service’ button. You’ll be sent a confirmation email in which there’ll be a link you need to click and then voila; all done.
What’s better, is that our services are a cheap date… With Simply66 the set-up fee doesn’t exist. You create your own account through our website exactly how you like – it’s as simple as that. What’s more, managing your account and setting up when you actually want us to answer your calls instead of you could not be easier. Our simple dashboard-like Control Panel is exceptionally easy to navigate and use. And because it’s all cloud-based all you need is internet availability to access your account, so regardless of where you are in the world, provided you have that all important internet connection you’re able to manage your account wherever you are. Leaving us to sweet talk your customers, whilst you sweet talk that special someone!
So let our Virtual Receptionists keep busy, while you get busy… Start a love affair you won’t regret this Valentine’s Day!

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