With Christmas just around the corner, we are fully in festive mode with this exclusive giveaway! By helping us choose the names of our two new Pebbletree cuddly dogs, you can bag yourself a free phone number for 6 months, and £20 free call credit from our award-winning VoIP service, Soho66.
We have taken an internal Pebbletree poll, and narrowed it down to just two choices. It is now your turn to decide… By commenting with your favourite duo on this post, or following the instructions on Facebook or Twitter, you can vote between Del-Boy & Rodney, or Sherlock & Watson! Good luck!
Christmas can be an expensive time of year for many of us, but with the chance to win a free phone number of your choice, and £20 free call credit, we can help take a bit of weight off of that festive budget, with Soho66, our award-winning VoIP service! The competition will run until Friday 12th December at 4pm, so you’ll need to make your decision by then, and we will announce the winner later that day!
So who would you rather see ruling the roost here at Pebbletree HQ? It is time for you to decide, our newest office additions should carries the names of which British legendary duo, Del-Boy & Rodney, or Sherlock & Watson?
Twitter: RT for Del-Boy and Rodney or Favourite for Sherlock & Watson
Facebook: Like for Del-Boy and Rodney or Comment for Sherlock & Watson
If you want to vote by leaving a comment below, please remember to include your name and email address so we can contact you if you are our lucky winner. Any votes submitted after 4pm on Friday 12th December will not be counted. Good luck, and keep your eyes out on Friday for the announcement of our winner!

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