Cocktails, Cakes and Christmas Fun!

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Saturday night marked the 9th Annual Pebbletree Christmas party, celebrated for the first time at trendy Sunderland haunt, Bar Justice. With members of both the Pebbletree and Goldfish teams descending on the North East from all over the UK, it was the perfect opportunity to get the team together and celebrate what has been a spectacular year for us.

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Having bagged the award for ‘Best VoIP’ at the ISPA’s, being Highly Commended for both ‘Best VoIP Innovation’, and ‘Best Business ITSP’, at the ITSPA’s, along with sponsoring the ‘Contact Centre Team of the Year’ award at the North East Contact Centre Awards on Friday evening, we had more to celebrate than most at our end-of-year party, capping a brilliant 2014 in real style with Prosecco, cocktails, and spirits flowing amongst other things!

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No celebration would be complete however, without the addition of some delicious food, and whilst a top-knotch buffet from Creative Catering kept the stomachs from rumbling, the limelight was saved for a show-stealing selection of branded cupcakes, and cookie cream chocolate cake hand-crafted by the talented Helena Reed of the Baked Cupcakery.

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It is Pebbletree tradition to hold an awards ceremony at the Christmas party, and this year was no different! So as the first round of shots began to go round, everyone got the chance to vote in a whole host of categories including; Rear of the Year, Class Clown, Drama Queen, and Party Animal. The awards ceremony also gave us the chance to thank some of our employees for all their hard work during the office move.
After much deliberation, the votes were cast, counted and verified, and we can announce that the lucky recipients of such prizes as a; Pebbletree Oscar, Magic 8 Ball, Alcoholic Test-tube Shot Selection, and Bum Pincher, are:

  • Class Clown – Vicky
  • Drama Queen – Chris
  • Rear of the Year – Shauni
  • Pebbletree Ego – James
  • Party Animal – Séan
  • Fridge Raider – Stephanie
  • Office Clairvoyant – Janni
  • School-Girl Crush – Vicky
  • Flat Pack Gurus – Chris and Chris
  • Trolley Dollies – James and Liam
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With the party in full flow and everyone’s spirits buoyed by the award presentations, yet another lot of shots were sent round, the music was cranked up… and the rest as they say was history.

IMG_7965 10610791_10152566965908727_6511103979928806813_n
IMG_7937 IMG_7968

Thank you to everyone involved from Bar Justice, to Helena for the wonderful cake and cupcakes, Creative Catering for the lovely buffet, and to our Pebbletree Ninjas for a night to remember!

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  • Sussn Ratcliffe 25th November 2014 at 4:44 pm

    What a night so lucky to be involved in your party night what a lovely company xxxx

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