Armed with banners, flyers, business cards, phones and even a top hat, it could only mean one thing: North East Expo day had arrived.
Weeks of planning, designing, researching and buying had went into the preparation of the event, in order to present our brands as best as we could and get the most out of the opportunity to showcase ourselves at the largest expo of its kind in the north eastern region of England.
Heeding the organisers’ advice, a couple of the team braved the A1 and headed north to the venue the day before the Expo to set up and get a feel for the place.
Newcastle Falcons’ Kingston Park rugby ground was the venue, on the outskirts of the city and just a few miles south of Newcastle Airport.
Lift your business from telecoms complication
Turn your team into contact centre superheroes!
Soho66 and Quvu were the brands we took; our ‘happy cloud’ and ‘Quvu superhero’ banners being by far the most unique and quirky banners at the event, certainly from what we saw.
After all, why be corporate and boring when you can be distinctive and fun!?
Our stall was positioned in the corner of the second floor, Platinum Suite South, directly opposite the entrance to one of the many seminar rooms.
Much to our pleasure, our neighbours had a stack of free cupcakes and a large bowl of sweets on their table which they kept offering us throughout the day, so our willpower had to be in tip-top working order to avoid over-indulging; though we couldn’t resist helping ourselves to one or two things over the course of the day – it’s just politeness isn’t it?

The aforementioned cupcakes and sweet bowl on our neighbour's  table on the right
The aforementioned cupcakes and sweet bowl on our neighbour’s table on the right

In the planning stage we decided we would run a competition, which would involve entrants dropping their business cards into a top hat to be in with a chance of winning a free phone, free call credit worth up to £150 and a phone number of their choice free for six months with a Soho66 account.
Despite a slow start to the day, once the venue started filling up our competition proved to get the better of attendees’ curiosity and the business cards were soon dropping like flies into our eBay-purchased top hat.
"I could win all of that...for free? What's the catch?"
“I could win all of that…for free? What’s the catch?”

On top of the amazing competition opportunity, our unique banners were grabbing people’s attention all day and many of them were intrigued enough to come over to our stall to find out more about what we do.
If these didn’t grab your attention, our designated “meeter and greeter” for the day, Mat, certainly did, whose Yorkshire charm seemed to work wonders stood on the outside of the table.
The team that travelled up to Kingston Park certainly enjoyed the day and felt it was a successful and worthwhile visit, while the fact our top hat was full come 4pm suggests we certainly made an impression on lots of people.
Business card anyone? There's a free phone in it...
Business card anyone? There’s a free phone in it…

Once again congratulations to all three of our competition winners, who were as follows:

      • 1st Place: Becki from Three Motion who won a Grandstream 3275, £150 worth of free call credit and a phone number free for 6 months


          • 2nd Place: Natalie from Ococo Media who won a Grandstream 2160, £100 worth of free call credit and a phone number free for 6 months


            • 3rd Place: Colin from Paramount Associates who won a Grandstream 2130, £50 worth of free call credit and a phone number free for 6 months


Why not watch our prize draw, filmed live at Pebbletree HQ a day after the Expo? Click here to view on YouTube!


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