Go behind the scenes of the Pebbletree Halloween fancy dress and follow the story of our special guest Lego photographer, who snapped his way through the day capturing the spooky office ambience with his very own miniature Lego camera and tripod.

I’d watch your hand if you’re brave enough to dip your hand in for a chocolate, those spiders look pretty big…

A noticeable lack of coats hanging from the coat rack today, not sure why?

It would appear someone’s lost an eye…or two, or three, or four…

It’s not quite fish and chips but a nice plate of fingers and eyes anyone?

The not so Incredible Hulk…

That pumpkin sure looks happy about something, meanwhile “it’s behind you…”

It’s not everyday you’re sharing an office with the character “Ghostface” from the Scream film trilogy…

Not sure I could remain as calm and collected as that if a spider that much bigger than me was beside me, could you?

And finally our guest photographer captures pictures of the sweets before they’re all gone – wise move!

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