Today, Pebbletree launched Quvu (pronounced queue-view) for contact centres.
Quvu is a browser-based contact centre management system, and integrates seamlessly with your Soho66 account. Harnessing the power of VoIP technology, Quvu provides contact centres with the tools to examine and analyse their activities in real-time.
Quvu is designed specifically to enable contact centres to analyse their operation using just a browser. Synchronising with your Soho66 account, features include real-time analytics and a predictive dialler.
Quvu has three main aspects:

The Supervisor Console

Agent Overview – Supervisors see all selected agents on one screen. Data for each agent includes icons to indicate star performers, improving or declining performance (based on custom parameters) one click call monitoring of a specific or random agent, and overall agent activity.
Real Time Queue View – Instantly accessible and concisely presented statistics regarding queue activity, perfectly formatted for a wall board. For example average wait time of callers, the total number of callers in the queue and abandonment rate.
Real Time Analytical Reporting – Users can choose from various primary metrics, for example Call Duration, Dials per Hour etc. Users have the ability to add or remove layers in order to manipulate data for their own personal requirements.

The Agent Console

Agents are able to set a standard ‘wrap’ time after a call is finished (for example to allow them to make changes to an account before the next call is connected). They are able to join specific campaigns, and see detailed call history. Quvu also links with most CRM systems in order to provide ‘one touch’ account view.

The Smart Dialler

The Quvu predictive dialler maximises agent activity.

Find out more

To find out more about Quvu for contact centers, please visit
Quvu on Google+

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